AZTACH Medical Device Inc. is a medical device and technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a full spectrum of innovative laser systems for the ophthalmic market.

Our product suite includes advanced solutions for cataract, glaucoma, and retinal diseases.



All Retina Lasers Integrated In One Machine.


All Lasers Are Diode Lasers(Semiconductor Lasers).


  • All of our lasers are pure diode laser, including green(532nm), red(659nm), infrared(810nm), and 689nm for PDT。
    We can offer these wavelength in solo, or in any combination of these colors.
  • Based on the features above, our lasers are very small sized, so that it is so easily to be packed into your backpack or handheld bag. So, it is possible for a doctor travel with a laser.
  • We invent special technology to integrate diode laser chips to lower down the cost, and make the mass production possible.So that we can offer low costs lasers to entry level markets.
  • Although the cost is low, but the feature is robust. For diode laser, the possibility of failure is low. We are the only company who can give 5 year warranty for the laser cavity.
  • The slit lamp laser adaptor is designed to adapt to many HS compatible slit lamp types.
  • Our lasers are designed to be in modularized parts(No adjustment is required when changing), easy for maintenance. And because of this feature, they are easy to be assembled.


Laser fiber

Laser Fiber protected by strong steel tube for heavy duty of 200Kg load.

Detached panel

Easy control by finger touch,easily reachable in surgery room.

Control panel

Easy touch to change treatment functions and laser wavelength.


Adaptor for top-light Slit Lamp

Adaptor for bottom-light Slit Lamp

Endo Fiber probe, TSCPC

LIO Adaptor